Our Mountains

Activities at the farm

  • Should it rain: painting workshop with the grandmother
  • Guided tour of the farm with Grandpa Hermann
  • Weekly, guided hike with Doris

Our farm products

Homemade jam an juice, eggs and dried fruit


Unforgettable is the apple blossom in Marling. The entire Adige Valley is a single sea of flowers, inviting you to go for a walk and cycle. If snow is still laying higher up, a hike over the Marlinger Waal or the Marlinger Höhenweg is the best way to experience spring.

Our offer for April and May! (13 April to 17 May)
For a stay of two weeks, we grant a discount of 5%.

 A SummerHikE in the Texel Group - mountain biking in Val Venosta

To escape the heat of the valley, you can ride comfortably in one of the many cable cars to dizzy heights. From there climb a summit or rather make a leisurely circular hike to one of the many mountain pastures. Of course, you can also discover our diverse mountain world by bike and then relax at the nearby outdoor pool.

Our offer for June!
For a stay of three weeks, we grant a discount of 5%.


Autumn - a firework of colors. The leaves on the trees transform and shine in shades of color from honey yellow to brick red. Autumn walks lead through colorful vineyards and multicolored forests.

Our offer for October! After 15 October
For a stay of two weeks, we grant a discount of 5%.

Our hiking suggestion:

The “Marlinger Waalweg” path can be reached from our farm within a 10-minute walk. It is known for its beautiful view over the whole Adige Valley and follows a more than 250 years old irrigation canal, always slightly downhill from Töll (municipality of Parcines), via Forst, Marling and Tscherms to Lana. With 12 km, the “Marlinger Waal” is the longest of its kind in South Tyrol and also one of the most impressive.

Starting from the Birkenhof, one has to follow the main road for circa 100 meters in the direction of Marling and then, following the signposts, hike up to the canal. Then you accompany the canal in the direction of the water flow. After about 20 minutes you would have the first opportunity to descend to Marling, an hour later there is the possibility to descend to Cermes. Restaurants and “Buschenschanken” (traditional taverns) line the way in short intervals. The path also offers a number of sights, such as the Church of St. Felix in Marling and the castle of Lebenberg in Cermes, both are located slightly above the canal and can be reached easily in about 15 min. The path leads alternately through forests, orchards and vineyards to the “Raffeingraben” shortly before Lana. There, following the signs, you descend quite steeply to Lana and reach the bus station, where you can return to the Birkenhof by public transport. For this, take bus 211 to Merano.

Walking time: approx. 2 hours (direction Lana)
Difference in altitude: ascent 85 m, descent 280 m (walking direction from Töll / Forst to Lana)
Altitude: 326 - 524 m above sea level.
Refreshments: There are various rest stops along the way.
Difficulty: easy trail
Marking: 29, Marlinger Waalweg
Important information: pleasant walk, also suitable for children, well signposted, ideal in April, May.